Our Practice as an Efficient Logistics Scheme for Your Business


Today, business is increasingly entering new markets and exploring new territories. Has the modern role of logistics changed?

Aleksandr Kulik: Yes, it has. Globalization is reflected in any sector of economy and human life. Today, we see that most processes are accelerated. We understand and accept our role in this acceleration. We consider ourselves not just as a transport company that provides transportation for large, medium and small businesses. We carry out high-quality engineering of logistics processes and bear responsibility for it at all stages, understanding that we provide the very “pulse”, i.e. continued and efficient functioning of logistics and as a result, the entire business as a whole, even in a turbulent, changing world.

It must be understood that speed and globalization alone, as phenomena, do not provide automatic, unhindered and simple solutions to complex transportation issues. On the contrary, cargo delivery is becoming more complicated. There are new challenges for business.

The subtleties of foreign economic activity and legal expertise of processes, on the one hand, and the increasing value of temporary resources, on the other hand, as we need to ensure production accurately, on time and at all costs, observing all the rules of transportation.

What qualities of transport company experts, in this context, is it important to pay attention to?

Aleksandr Kulik: It is important to divide the process into several phases, where different qualities enhance efficiency. For example, when we plan transportation or develop any complex logistics solution, unconditional professionalism is important in combination with courage, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Often, we strive to grow beyond the boundaries of familiar routes even earlier than it will be interesting and necessary for our clients and come up with a successful solution, anticipating this need.

At this stage, this is a priority. Each of our clients and partners knows that we will find a solution toeven an extremely complex task and implement it. The experience and many years of expertise of our experts are used as a solid platform for creating balanced, and at the same time, non-trivial transportation projects. We are not afraid of project cargoes, we know everything about the transportation of dangerous goods, and we strive to save client’s funds every time.

An open world of opportunities is, indeed, first and foremost a challenge. If you are planning a transcontinental, international cargo delivery, then you should plan all the legal nuances, geographical features, the best options for packing and packaging, and only then you should start implementing the plan. So, when a solution is being implemented, maximum responsibility, involvement in the result and prompt response are important. Therefore, our managers provide 24/7 scheduling, fully identifying the compliance with stated deadlines and promises with their performance. We work as part of our client’s team. This ability to truly share client’s tasks is another fundamental quality that is relevant today.

There is another global trend specialization in a particular type of services, why then did you choose multimodal transportation?

Aleksandr Kulik: Our company is a synergy of combining strong assets –many years of experience and shipping capabilities combined with the same expertise and our own rolling stock in rail transportation. Therefore, we also comply with this vector –our specialization is the most optimal combination of several efficient modes of transportation,i.e.multimodal transportation.

Logistics is not just the delivery of goods from point A to point B, and you just have to choose the transport and route. In its practical manifestation, this process is penetrating, uniting and directing all business processes of our company to a single successful result, a process that always takes into account the resource part. Where time and money are fundamentally important. Therefore, our approach is to create an efficient logistics scheme for the client at the first meeting.

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